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Heathcote Wine Region, in Central Victoria, has grown a reputation as a great place to grow Shiraz. The region features a deep strip of rare, ancient, red Cambrian soil with excellent moisture retention characteristics, virtually eliminating the need for irrigation. It is this red soil that gives Heathcote Shiraz its distinctive character.

The growing conditions for the 2018 vintage were near perfect. The vines responded well to the cool and rainy spring of 2017. They produced plenty of buds, and the very dry and warm start to 2018 reduced berry sizes, strengthening the fantastic concentration of fruit-flavours from our vineyards in Heathcote. The cool change that followed lengthened the ripening periods to ensure the freshness of flavour and strong natural acidity that we look for in a robust Heathcote Shiraz. The 2018 vintage really was ideal for growing Shiraz in Heathcote.

Athol’s Paddock, our sturdy old Heathcote vineyard, found the extra rain to be perfect for its old dry grown feet. A naturally low yielding vineyard, this year had what we can only call the perfect crop - 8.5 tonnes off 20 acres! That might not seem like a lot, but that's pretty good for us.

Due to the higher cropping of the 2018 vintage, we had the flexibility of being able to try a few different winemaking options to see what came out best.

All of these components spent 18 months in oak, about 25% of which were new French oak barrels.

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